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If you are unsure how to use Emotloader, you can find the right solution for your problem on the frequently asked questions and answers page.

What is the Frag's Emoticon Loader?

The Frag's Emoticon Loader (Emotloader in short) is an application that allow you to use your own, unique emoticon pictures and smileys on Facebook chat.

How does Frag's Emoticon Loader work?

Sign in (at first use you need to allow Emotloader application), navigate to upload section and upload some emoticons. Choose appropriate category for your emoticons, and wait until the end of conversion (up to 1-2 minutes). Once your smiley complete, it will appear on your own emoticons section. If you move the mouse over the emoticon, you will see the code which will appear as a smiley when you paste it to Facebook chat.

Should I pay to use Emotloader?

No, the Frag's Emoticon Loader is completely free of charge.

Can I register without Facebook?

Since the functionaity of Emotloader is based on Facebook, registration is only possible with Facebook account.

What are the maximum dimensions of the uploaded emoticon?

A smiley can be up to 90x90 pixels, the larger images will be scaled down proportionately.

Where will Emotloader store the uploaded emoticons?

The emoticons are stored in Emotloader Facebook account.

Who will see uploaded emoticons? Is it possible to upload in private way?

By default, all uploaded emoticon will appear in the public gallery as well. On the category selection panel you can select a non-listed option too. In this case, the emoticon will not appear in public. Each user can have up to 10 non-listed emoticons, but these can be made public anytime using the lock icon under the emoticon.

Animated emoticons can be uploaded?

Due to the limitations of Facebook, only still images can be used.

Why does conversion take so long time?

If many users are using Emotloader application at the same time, the time of conversion may take several minutes, so please be patient.

Where the emoticons can be used, where will appear?

The uploaded emoticons will be only visible in Facebook chat and private messages. In posts, comments and other places they will only appear as code.

How many smileys can I upload?

There is practically no limit on the number of emoticons you use, but the excessive, unreasonable use is not permitted.

I have not found the answer to my question, where can I go?

If you have any further questions, please contact us.

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