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Facebook emoticon types

You can use three different types of emoticons on Facebook: built-in, "emoji" and custom Facebook graph code emoticons.

Built-in, hidden

There are two main types of built-in Facebook emoticons: simple and smiley stickers. Hidden emoticons can be only displayed with typing their code. Read more »

Emoji characters

Write special characters on Facebook chat, and they will be mapped to graphical emoticons! The emoji is the Japanese counterpart of emoticon. These are special unicode character symbols that appear as an image. Read more »

Unique, graph

Each Facebook objects have a graph code. Emotloader application uses this too. Read more »

Facebook graph emoticon tester

Go find for more emoticons: just enter any name and here will be displayed a 18x18 pixel image with a code what you can use on Facebook chat too. Read more »

Download emoticons

Find new emoticons in many smiley packages, download more than ten thousand emoticons from here! Read more »

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