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Terms of Use and Rules page

General Rules

  • Any kind of rude, insulting, offensive (aggressive) behavior is prohibited on the site.
  • Do not use warez sites promoting information or comments of encouragement to use it.
  • No advertising, spam - ​​ordination and advertising in any form for commercial purposes without the written permission of the site owner.
  • Help others, and the the site, and if you have got help, say thank you for help, and give feedback.
  • Look around before you ask, there may be others that have been asked the same question.
  • Moderation is carried out by the adminsn do not question their decisions.
  • If page misdemeanor meet, please report it to the admins.
  • Terms of Service violation, after repeated practice has been banned from the site.
  • Banned users depending on the degree of violation, can regain their rights after some time.

Submitting Content

  • Prohibited any religious, racial ,sexual or other relatives minority or majority group against defamatory, offensive or suggestive content.
  • Prohibited the submission of any pornographic, sexually explicit, vulgar/obscene, illegal, extreme content, forbidden symbols or logos.
  • Upload offending content can result immediate ban of your account.


  • Users are always responsible for their comments.
  • No full upper case letters (Flame).
  • Do not use an excessive number of sentence-ending punctuation.
  • Do the same posts multiple times.
  • No excessive and pointless emoticon use.
  • Admin can moderate wrong comments or comments that dows not complying with the conditions.
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